European Physical Education Teacher’s Day

Since 2015, the launch of the European Week of Sport (EWOS), by the European Commission, has generated highly relevant impacts on the European population. In 2020, the numbers of the EWOS are: 42 participant countries and regions; 32.617 events and 15.623.084 participants. Even with the COVID-19, those are extraordinary numbers. This success is promoted by all social agents involved in the EWOS and who tirelessly provide their time, knowledge, experience, and motivation so that everyone can benefit from physical exercise and have the opportunity to participate in activities that are, above all, means for its integral development.

Behind the success of these events are, year after year, teachers and physical education and sport professionals who recognize the needs – increasingly demanding – of today’s society. Unequivocally, the contribution of these teachers and professionals is exemplary in promoting social changes through the practice of physical and sports activities. Starting from the recognition of the importance and fundamental role of the teachers and physical education and sport professionals, the consortium outlined this project, that aims to create the European Physical Education Teachers Day (scope of the teacher and professionals) – EPETD –, in addition to all activities promoted within the scope of the EWOS.

Doing that, we will be contributing directly to The EU Work Plan for Sport (2021-2024), namely by promoting dialogue and cooperation between different organizations active in sport with a view to improving and innovating this field. It will happen through the work that will be done, in proximity, with entities from different sectors that can contribute to the creation of the European Physical Education Teacher’s Day. In addition, an effort will be made to appeal and achieve greater involvement of entities in the sports sector, either through joint involvement in sports actions, or through the contribution and social influence (for example, of public policies by political and public entities) in the sports area.

The EPETD also contributes directly to the following priority of the Erasmus+ program:

Promoting education in through sport Supporting skills development in sport: the EPETD recognize the importance of physical education and sport in individual and social development, both in terms of physical and mental health (due to the physical activity practiced and the benefits of it), and in terms of the development of competences and social values (for the lessons learned, experiences and the constant transfer of common social values). With this line, promote the recognize of the importance and valuing teachers and professionals of physical education who, every day, transport more knowledge, more experience, more practices, and more competences to do more and better actions oriented to the practice of physical activity and sport.

These practices, among several positive effects, will have an impact on the development of competences. According to the report Physical Activity and Learning (2012) from Finnish National Board of Education “Physical activity has been found to have a positive effect on children’s cognitive functions, such as memory, attention and general information processing and problem-solving skills. The latest studies indicated that increasing physical activity improved test results, in tasks requiring executive functions and memory.” and “In addition to academic achievement and cognitive skills, physical activity also appears to promote other aspects that are important in terms of learning, such as classroom behavior, concentration on assignments and participation in classwork – and, subsequently, learning itself”.

The EPETD project also contributes to the following additional priorities:

Encouraging the participation in sport and physical activity. The support to the implementation of the European Week of Sport: the EPETD will contribute directly to the EWOS, through the creation of a European Day to recognize the work of teachers and professionals in the field. This way, the project is given priority to physical education (education through sport and means of promoting the practice of physical activity and sport) and all its professionals. Also, the EPETD contributes to the EWOS encouraging participation and promoting the practice of physical and sports activity to maintain physical and mental health, especially through the actions developed by teachers and field professionals.

Promoting the quality of coaching and staff: the EPETD project will help European organizations acquire new competences, new capacities and new experiences that will boost their organizational work and the work developed in collaboration. The project will be a way to recognize European priorities in sport and to recognize and value physical education teachers and professionals, either through the European Day, or through the different experiences shared between agents and entities involved. These new learnings and acquisitions will be the motto for organizations, especially those confined to the sports spectrum, to understand what they can improve, what they can incorporate in their organization and in their daily lives and how they can achieve new results through new methods and new innovative actions.

Reunião luxemburguesa do EPETD debateu linhas orientadoras e aprovou novo logo

A realização do Dia do Professor de Educação Física está a tornar-se num evento viral de dimensão europeia 11 participantes, representando os 5 parceiros – EUPEA, CAPDI (Itália) , COLEF (Espanha), SNEP (França) e CNAPEF (Portugal) -, que compõem o projeto europeu do Erasmus+ EPETD (European Physical Education Teachers Day), reuniram este fim de semana…

First transnational meeting of the EPETD Erasmus+ project ended today in Leiria

To create an European Physical Education Teacher’s Day is the main goal this new Erasmus+ Sport project Five partners finished today the two days of work of  the first transnational meeting of the EPETD – European Physical Education Teacher’s Day – Erasmus+ Sport project. Leaded by CNAPEF (Conselho Nacional de Associações de Profissionais de Educação…

Physical Education Teachers and honored in Leiria European City of Sports 2022

“There is no education without Physical Education” ceremony marked by the tributes to referential Physical Education Teachers” with presence of EPETD partners In the Castle of Leiria, the emblematic Church of Nossa Senhora da Pena received the ceremony “There is no education without Physical Education”, marked by the tributes to Physical Education Teachers from the…

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