BLA – Be Like an Athlete


This is an Erasmus+ European project: Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Sweden.

It involves a transnational and transdisciplinary team, which includes members that share expertise in several areas, such as, applied sport psychology, sociology and pedagogy, computer sciences, physical education and research methods.

What is BLA?

BLA project combines the objectives of drawing a social-psychological profile of student athletes involved in dual careers programmes and contributing to the positive development of youth. The aim is to improve sport and school results of those involved in dual careers programmes, while enhancing the balance of these two contexts. Simultaneously, through a better understanding of their social-psychological profile, BLA also aims to reduce youth withdraw from sport participation

Additionally, this will help them to better acknowledge and develop their key personal, social, educational and emotional competencies. Furthermore, the dissemination and scalability of this profile, will also have impact on those that are not involved in dual careers, improving, for example, their academic results and social competencies/skills.


  • To improve and balance sport and school results of youth involved in dual career programmes;
  • To reduce the number of youths withdrawing from sport participation (dropout);
  • To improve youth socio-psychological competencies;
  • To establish, in each partner country, a socio-psychological profile of student-athletes involved in dual careers programmes;
  • To establish a common socio-psychological profile of student-athletes involved in dual careers programmes from all partner countries;
  • To communicate the established socio-psychological profile through an interactive tool (Mobile Application) and pedagogical materials (guidelines, workshops, social networks and a website) in the sport and school contexts;
  • To develop sustainable and scalable evaluation mechanisms within sport and school communities concerning socio-psychological competencies.

Kick-Off Meeting in Porto: 6-7 February 2020

The project’s opening meeting took place between the 6th and 7th of February at the University Institute of Maia, with the presence of all partners.

Know more about this activity in BLA Kick Off Meeting.

Be Like an Athlete Logo contest

The contest for the Logo of the project ended on the 20th of May having been submitted 39 proposals.

On June 17, the jury of the contest met and decided to unanimously attribute the victory to Nico Castells’ proposal.

Know more about this contest in BLA Project LOGO Contest .

Socio-Psychological Profile Questionnaire (SPPQ)

After several meetings between the academic partners of the BLA – Be Like an Athlete project. in June, the first version of the Socio-Psychological Profile Questionnaire (SPPQ) – Output 1 was completed.

Know more about this wuestionnaire in BLA Socio-Psychological Profile Questionnaire.

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